About Me

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Shannadu is an very old nickname, resulting from a dream about being on American Idol singing “Xanadu,” when suddenly my troupe of backup singers started singing “Shannadu.”  I repeated the dream to some friends and the rest is history.

I went back and forth between a number of blog names, from punny to vague, and just decided to keep things simple and name this blog after my dream’s alter-ego – someone fearless enough to roller skate on a reality show singing cheesy 80s movie show tunes.  Which, the more I think about it, is pretty true to my waking life as well.

So…welcome to my life!  I live in the San Francisco Bay Area, have a full time professional job, and I moonlight as a soprano/voice teacher/choir director.  I like bingewatching bad TV, decorating and redecorating, makeup, gardening, shoes, cooking, and daydreaming about moving to a small town.

Shan Glasses